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Registering a Domain Name for Melanesian Peoples

Registering a domain name for Melanesian Peoples has been a challenge for PAPUAmart.com LTD as a local company in Melanesia that promotes Melanesia-Specific Domain Names.

Two Things: (1) Register and (2) Host Domain Name(s)

There are two things to consider before registering a Melanesian-Specific Domain Name that is being promoted by PAPUAmart.com LTD. The domain names is like your own name, people call you with your name, the same as it is calling a domain name. The domain names represent our physical reality, names like Wewo Kotokay, Lai Sakita, Ngenge Sasa, or even James Marape can become domain names. In order to make my name into a domain name, I HAVE TO REGISTER that name as my domain name. There is a rule here. When a name become a domain name, it MUST HAVE the domain extension names, for example, .com, .net, .info, .club, .kiwi, .host, .pg, .vu, .fj, .biz, .ws and so on, and so forth. So many domain extensions available on the Internet. That means that if I have taken the domain name: yikkwanak.com, then someone else can register the same domain-nama with a different domain extensions such as yikwanak.club, yikwanak.org, yikwanak.net, and so on. HOWEVER, it is important to know that there CANNOT be two different persons or more person owning the same domain name and the same domain extension, AT ALL. The principle of who comes first gets first applies here. If I have bought www.yikwanak.com and www.wantok.click, then nobody else in the whole planet Earth can buy the same domain names with the same domain extensions. But, as I said before, they can buy for example; wantok.me, wantok.mobi, wantok.xyz, but NOT the exact domain name: wantok.click. This means we need to understand a second issue: the fixed Online address of the domain. In order to have the fixed domain address, I have to host the domain name I just bought. Without hosting it, I will not have an address for my online presence. I just do not exist Online. Physically I live in one particular address: be it name of street, name of village, name of island or name of country. Just like this, so a domain name must have an address. This address is called URLs, on the Internet (Uniform Resource Locators). So when I host my domain name, or my name, then I will give to people as my "URL" address. In order to own the URL, I have to host the domain address. So, my domain name becomes a URL when I HOST my domain name at the web hosting company. WANTOK.click is a domain but after I host it, it becomes my URL, so with URL can be visited at https://wantok.click or https://www.wantok.clik. WANTOK.click is a product of PAPUAmart.co LTD, assigned to function as a domain name registrar, but at the same time, it also offers web-hosting packages, where you can choose and pay for hosting your domain name(s). By this name "URL" you can see, that the URL locate each domain name or each Online Address of the name. This is why there is no double domain name for two separate addresses. Yes, there can be more than one person called Yikwanak, but since I have bought www.yikwanak.com, nobody called Yikwanak in the whole planet can buy this same domain name with the same domain extension. In fact I have bought many domain names here, for example: melanesia.net, melanesia.us, melanesia,one, melanesia.news, melanesia.club, wantok.biz, wantok.us. I call these domains fall into the category of "Building Melanesian Identity". There are also domains for doing business: papuamart.com, papuamart.ltd, melanesiamart.com, melanesiastore.com, yumiyet.com, wantok.click, 8plus1.org, wantokcoffee.com and many others. There are web hosting domain names such as wantok.clik, 8plus1.org, cheaphosts.us, web.yumiyet.com, wantok.biz and so on. I might be wrong, but I quite confidently can claim that I am the Melanesian persons that owns the most domain names so far, and perhaps in my generation and the next generation after me as well.

Two Separate Costs for Buying Domain Name and Buying Web Hosting Package

Many friends of mine misunderstand me, when I promote my domain registration URL on social media and websites, they always send me their domain name(s). ask me how much they can pay for it. Domain registration cost is normally paid on annual basis. You can pay it for 2-10 years as well. To host the domain name(s) one need to pay separately, at separate web hosting company, if domain registrar does not provide facility to host domains. The Web Hosting companies charge different prices, depending on how big the capacity of your web hosting will be and how long you want to host your website. You can pay monthly, quarterly, annually, bi-annually, and even buy for hosting longer than 1 year (12 months) term.

Only Register Melanesia-Specific Domain Names

PAPUAmart.com LTD at www.wantok.click, www.wantok.biz, www.cheaphosts.us, www.web.yumiyet.com, www.host.yumiyet.com, www.host.8plus1.org only serve for registering Melanesian-Specific Domain names, such as the names of persons, names of families and clans, names of villages, names of islands, names of trees, names of birds, names of spirits, or any names IN MELANESIAN TRIBAL LANGUAGE. If you register Melanesian-Specific Domain Name(s) then we guarantee you a Free Web Hosting Package.
If you have more questions or requests, please, please, please email us or WhatsApp us: Emails: info@wantok.clikc, cs@wantok.biz, info@papuamart.com, info@papuamart.ltd, info@cheaphosts.us WA: +675-78213007

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